The Vaccines & Hockey Dad Set To Perform At Falls’ Barrel House

Barrel House

Falls Festival goers, pay attention. People who are yet to score tickets to Falls Festival, also pay attention. Everyone just pay attention pls.

As the festival-to-end-all-festivals draws closer, the final details have begun to trickle in and hoo boy, everyone’s in for a bloody treat.

A handful of musicians performing at Falls are lending their talent to Jack Daniel’s Barrel House, an intimate pop-up stage at Byron‘s Falls Festival where attendees can see all of them play without the hassle of having to knock down your mates and strangers in a mad dash from one stage to another.

Have a squiz at the Barrel House lineup featuring Cub Sport and stacks more below:

Sunday 30 Dec 16:00 – 16:45 : Sunrose
Sunday 30 Dec 17:15 – 18:15 : Totty
Sunday 30 Jan 18:45 – 19:45 : Tyne-James Organ
Monday 31 Dec 16:00 – 16:45 : Lola Scott
Monday 31 Dec 17:15 – 18:15 : San Mei
Monday 31 Dec 18:45 – 19:45 : Hockey Dad (DJ Set)
Tuesday 1 Jan 16:00 – 16:45 : Ivey
Tuesday 1 Jan 17:15 – 18:15 : Tia Gostelow
Tuesday 1 Jan 18:45 – 19:45 : West Thebarton
Wednesday 2 Jan 14: 30 – 15:30 : Cub Sport
Wednesday 2 Jan 16:00 – 16:45 : The Lulu Raes
Wednesday 2 Jan Jan 17:15 – 18:00 : Wharves
Wednesday 2 Jan 18:30 – 19:15 : The Swamps
Wednesday 2 Jan 20:15 – 21:00: The Vaccines

I know, I know, the jealousy is real and now you regret buying that monogrammed 24-carat windchime instead of appropriately spending it on Falls tickets. Not to fret, there’s still a couple of days to go in the running to score a VIP front row double pass to either Lorne, Byron Bay or Marion Bay.

Just tell us how you’d get the headliner’s attention if you were in the front row and keep them fingers and buns crossed:


Watch Cub Sport reflect on the fave (and incredibly touching) experiences they’ve had watching their fans from the stage here:

Cub Sport’s lead vocalist Tim Nelson recalls a couple of his own momentous front-row experiences that went down while he was slumming it in the crowd with the rest of us. He told PEDESTRIAN.TV:

“The first one was when I saw Lana Del Rey at Splendour 2012, and we stood through Mudhoney’s set. I’d never heard of Mudhoney before and it’s really heavy, which isn’t always my top pick. But yeah once Lana came out it was all worth it. And she ended up coming down to the front and we ended up holding hands, it was amazing.”

Ahh successful musicians, they’re just like us regular folk. Nelson also recalls a time when Solange practically gave him a near-death, out-of-body experience:

“This year when Solange played in Sydney, we got front row tickets to that and as the set was starting out, we made eye contact a couple of times and I was like, ‘I cannot believe this is happening’ and then when she was playing ‘Some Things Never Seem to Fucking Work’, she came over to where I was standing and she knelt down on the edge of the stage and leaned right out and sang the entire pre-chorus right into my eyes – her face was like 20 centimetres away from mine, it was actually like I went somewhere else. Everything just disappeared and it was me and Solange.”

Want to suss out how the Barrel House went last year? Direct your eyes here: