V Raw Job Of The Week – Universal Records

Most of you guys would agree, Pop music sucks.

Rather than sitting back in you computer chair complaining about how bad that new _______ song is, why don’t you do something about it? Get off Hype Machine, minimize µTorrent and fire your resume Universal’s way.

The juggernaut that is Universal music are looking for a new A&R person to nurture through the ranks and you should be excited even though you don’t have a clue what A&R even means. It stands for “Artist & Repertoire” or in layman’s terms A&R peeps have their ear to the street listening out for “the next big thing.” So if getting paid to listen to music (you can do that?) sounds like your ideal job hit up V Raw and make your friends cry themselves to sleep at night for having to flip burgers for coin.

ESSENTIAL SKILLS: Enthusiasm, energy and a strong passion for music.

This is an amazing opportunity, reporting directly to an A&R Manager and Creative Manager – A&R.

Experiences offered in this internship may include, amongst others depending on artist scheduling:

Visit a studio – join an A&R team member at an artist recording session at a Sydney studio.

Visit a set – Go to a photo/video shoot with an A&R Manager. Meet the band – have photos and interview time with the band/artist.

Lunch with a photographer/video director – meet, interview and discuss the career of a renowned photographer or video director.

Learn about the process of signing a band, recording a demo, selecting track-listings, selecting a producer and budgeting from an A&R Manager.

Learn about the creative process including artwork for a band, pitching jobs to the designers and the process of a photo/video shoot from an Creative Manager.

Learn about the job of artist scouts. Working for a label – the expectations and the reality. Gain tips on scouting bands!!


This is a truly rare opportunity for a passionate school graduate/University student in Sydney to gain hands-on experience with Universal Music’s A&R department. This internship is 3-4 days per week over one month.

Universal Music is a global leader in the music business with an enviable roster including: The Killers, Kanye West, Rihanna, Fall Out Boy, Lady GaGa, The Presets, Sam Sparro, U2, The Pussycat Dolls, and Snow Patrol.