Unofficial Death Cab For Cutie Video – “Little Bribes”

The most amazing thing about Ross Ching’s video for Death Cab’s “Little Bribes” is not that it’s visually stunning in that “sheesh ain’t the simple things in life grand” kinda way, but that he did it for free. Next to no budget, no crew, hell the band didn’t even know he was making it. Surprisingly the end result is more inspired than most clips we post and dethrones Radiohead’s cerebral audience as the best producers of fan-made video clips.

Ross explains of his process: ‘For this video, I pulled out every time lapse, stop motion and live action camera trick that I could think of. It took me about 2 weeks. The goal was to create a fresh, new direction to take my work to. The Eclectic Series has fared well, but that was all in the past. It’s time to look ahead. Live action narrative is where I would truly like to be producing content, but on the internet, it’s just too difficult to stand out from the pack making movies with a video camera. Moreover, time lapse and tilt-shift (shot with a still camera) are becoming more and more prevalent on the internet. Therefore I spent weeks and weeks to come up with a new, original idea and landed on this concept.

If you don’t count the camera equipment that I already had, I spent about $75 on the entire project. Mostly for gas and props.’

Son you ain’t gotta pay for props this clip is dope.

Death Cab for Cutie – Little Bribes from Ross Ching on Vimeo.

Via We Like It INdie