Unknown Lead Will Star in Tupac Biopic

How many times have you woken up, tightened your bandanna, paid your respects to Biggie Smalls and wished that you could play Tupac in a movie? If your answer was ‘daily’ then maybe you have what it takes to bring his thug life to the big screen.

Morgan Creek Prods. have put the feelers out with an online casting call – opting for an unknown to depict the life of the late great, rather than a recognised actor.

Would-be thugs have been asked to download a 24-line scene, recite the scene on-camera and then drop one their favorite Tupac beats on camera for no more than one minute. Shit son, let me get at that.

Unfortunate prerequisites include: A knowledge of rap, ill verse-spitting technique, and black skin. So unfortunately Hilltop Hoods fans might have to sit this one out.

Submissions will be accepted through April 30.

Via Variety