Universal Music’s Gifting A Record Deal To A Non-Famous Talent Who Could Be U

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Holy mother of opportunities.

If you’re an unsigned muso from Australia and you love a good hustle, this one’s for you.

Aloft Hotels with Alex Dyson are on the hunt for an Aussie group, artist or Average Joe who’s heaps good at making tunes to represent Straya at Project: Aloft Star 2018, a comp running til July 31st, where unsigned bands and solo acts are invited to submit up to two original songs as an audio file or vid.

If ya have the skills and Dyso digs ya tracks then you could be the one Aussie out of five finalists from Asia Pacific battling it out for a record deal in South Korea. All expenses paid. This is a one-of-a-kind primo opportunity to be recognised not only in Oz but all across Asia too. Don’t blow it.

Alright, let us just break it down for you so you can fully grasp the extent of this entire comp.

  • Head to Project: Aloft Star Asia Pacific and submit your song(s)
  • Wait for Alex Dyson to dig your dope song
  • Become 1 of 5 finalists selected to travel to South Korea (all expenses paid)
  • Compete against the other finalists, beating them ‘cos you’re better, obvi
  • Score a legit record deal with UMG, including mentoring, a profesh recording session, a worldwide digital release of your song and a music video
  • Rub it in your mates’ faces

Alex Dyson will be your head coach and support in the grand final at Aloft Seoul Myeondong on September 20th, 2018. You’ll also get to hang out with him in South Korea so who knows what you and the Ratdog will get up to?

Watch Alex chat about Project: Aloft Star below:

For all the deets, check out Project: Aloft Star 2018.

Get involved, m8s.