Tyler, The Creator’s Topical Mountain Dew Ad Defended by his Manager

If you missed it yesterday, Mountain Dew released a controversial ad in collaboration with Tyler, The Creator. Conceptually headed by the steadfast young man, the ad shows a distraught white woman picking out her perpetrator from a lineup of black dudes (Odd Future members) and a goat, and was widely lamented for its racism. It’s been taken down from many corners of The Internet, but here’s a withstanding (for now) copy:

In a lengthy blog post, political Analyst Dr. Boyce Watkins labelled the ad as “arguably the most racist commercial in history”. Tyler himself had little to say on the topic. His manager, Christopher Clancy, however, got on his digital soapbox, Tumblr, and said this: 
Following that, Tyler simply tweeted:
Title image by Karl Walter via Getty