Tyler The Creator Took Over A Morning TV Show With A Birthday Party For Everyone

Subtle, he ain’t. Tyler, the Creator – the head honcho, lead voice, founder and chief mischief maker of rap/art/everything collective Odd Future – never really speaks without a megaphone. So it should come as no surprise to anyone that his media appearances have a habit of ending up a little askew from how they’re normally expected to go.

Case in point, this. Currently doing the rounds to promote the upcoming Odd Future carnival Camp Flog Gnaw – a huge outdoor event held at the Los Angeles Coliseum being headlined this year by Pharrell and Tyler himself – the 23 year-old Tyler stopped by the morning news show on local Los Angeles channel KTLA5 for a chat and a plug.

And once all that boring official business was out of the way, that’s when things got real loose in a big hurry.

After shouting “IT’S BIRTHDAY TIME!” Tyler brought out co-conspirator Jasper Dolphin carrying balloons, cake and a whole mess of confetti. Why? Because why the hell not.

(Editor’s note: Mother of God we’re sorry about the autoplay)
Who’s birthday is it? It’s EVERYONE’S birthday!
Say what you want about OFWGKTA. But the kids know how to throw a party.
Photo: Jason Merritt via Getty Images.