Twitter Rants: Miley Wants Everyone’s Heart To Break Like Hers Following Pet Dog’s Death

Miley Cyrus‘s cherished Alaskan Klee Kai Floyd recently went to doggie heaven, and the pop star is not dealing very well with the loss. On Saturday morning, she took to Twitter to express her grief, and because it’s Miley, the sadness that typically comes with losing a beloved dog comes with about a dozen added layers of intense emotion. 

Floyd died earlier this month under mysterious circumstances, but it’s clear Miley is still feeling pretty broken up about it. Yesterday on Twitter, she let loose a massive stream of word vomit, in which she grieved for Floyd, blamed herself for his passing, and begged God to wake her up from “this nightmare.”

Gawker recently conducted an exhaustive investigation into Miley’s pet situation, and found that Floyd was one of six pet dogs she owned as of the start of April. Evidently, though, he was her favourite. Her full Twitter missive from earlier this weekend is below, and strap in, because it’s a bumpy ride:

Amid the regret and recrimination, the eye-opening part comes near the end:

“I want everyone’s heart to break the way my heart is breaking. I want everyone to feel the emptiness in my tummy like I am feeling. My baby is gone & it’s out of my control. so today all I’m going to do is lay in this bed in this depressing hotel room and wish it wasn’t true.”

Wow. Look, we don’t know what the hell happened to poor little Floyd, or why Miley is beating herself up over it. The only thing we know for sure is that we can definitely expect Miley to work out her angst with a cover of Hole‘s ‘Doll Parts’ on her next tour. Some day, you will ache like she aches.

Image via Twitter