Turns Out Kanye’s ‘Famous’ Visual Is Every Celebrity Ever, Nude In Bed

Hey guys? Remember that time Kanye West asked his fans to pony up US $25 to watch the live stream reveal of his new “visual” for Famous? And how everyone but the most dedicated Yeezy aficionados balked at the prospect?

Well, they were wrong. We were wrong. Everyone who didn’t catch that stream was wrong, because by all accounts it was an absolute balls-to-the-wall trip, featuring this instant piece of pop-culture history: an aerial portrait of West surrounded by none other than George W. Bush, Donald Trump, Rihanna, Anna Wintour, Ray J, Taylor Swift, Amber Rose, Chris Brown, Caitlyn Jenner, and Bill Cosby. 

And they were all nuddy. In bed.

Here’s a still that snuck its way out of the event, just waiting for the entire planet to pore over:

Vanity Fair got an early peek at the footage, and described it as “a moody, quasi-religious tableau of naked, vulnerable, strangely peaceful bodies at rest.” We can see it, tbh.

West himself even went as far to tell VF he took care to nix any bits he felt were (more than usually) sexually suggestive, instead choosing to present the work as a meditation on, well, an odd moment of serenity amid a lifestyle he describes as “walking performance art.”

As the particularly astute viewer may contemplate, it’d be fairly unlikely Donald Trump would go starkers for a Ye vid, nor would you ever see Caitlyn Jenner reposed next to Cosby. So, the extent of prosthetic wizardry on display is almost – almost – as compelling as the fact the madman would throw something like this together in the first place. 

Rule out Chris Brown, at least:

Same goes for Trump, thank Christ. 

West said he’d be offering the vid to Tidal subscribers after an encore screening, so y’all can expect to inspect more nooks and crannies when all the footage is released for good.