Triple J Are Not Really Feeling The #Bieber4Hottest100 Campaign

Another year, another viral campaign to get a pop star into triple j‘s Hottest 100.
Last time around, it was Buzzfeed pushing #Tay4Hottest100. This time, it’s Justin Bieber, who is currently the subject of a #Bieber4Hottest100 frenzy, thanks to betting agency William Hill, who kicked the hashtag off in a promoted Tweet.

The campaign gained traction when The Biebs himself shared the above Tweet with his millions of followers, although listeners probably shouldn’t worry about a pop star sullying their countdown, as the station itself has fairly heavily implied that it’s not happening.
Music site Tone Deaf reached out to acting triple j manager Meagan Loader, who said:
“We want genuine votes from genuine listeners. It isn’t fair to triple j listeners or artists whose songs could be undermined when campaigns try to incentivise votes or troll the poll. We’ll keep an eye on it. If we feel the outcome of the Hottest 100 has been manipulated votes may be disqualified or ignored. You can check out our voting guidelines here.”
So there you have it. The Hottest 100 is probably safe from Justin Bieber, although as he has a penis, his chances of getting played on triple j are at least marginally higher than Taylor Swift‘s.
Story: Tone Deaf
Photo: Allen Berezovsky / Getty