Trent Reznor Premieres New Video From The Horrors “Mirror’s Image”

If you were so inclined you could describe the video for The Horrors’ Eno-esque album opener “Mirror’s Image” as shroomy, with its literal mirror images, kaleidoscopic background, amorphous players and bleeding primary colours walking the fine line between psychedelic and kitsch. Kinda like bush doofs but with way less chance of fatality. What’s even trippier however, is that Horrors fanboy and Nine Inch Nails frontman Trent Reznor premiered the video on NIN’s website complete with glowing testimonial:

“We are very pleased and honored to premiere the new video from one of our favorite bands, The Horrors. ‘Mirror’s Image’ is the new single from their excellent record ‘Primary Colours’.”

We’ll admit Mr. Reznor we haven’t agreed with all you career decisions but on this front we’d have to concur.