Tom Tilley & Hugo Gruzman Are Throwing 3 Massive Retro Thredbo Parties

Tom Tilley (Triple J) and Hugo Gruzman (Flight Facilities) are hosting a bunch of heaps good après ski parties at Thredbo this year, so if you’re planning on heading down, check these dates first.

“After a glorious Saturday of carving, step off the piste and glide straight into First Base,” reads the promo. “With the fires burning and the hot tub bubbling, vintage après outfits and bad sweaters, followed by some of the hottest live acts in the country.”

Essentially: absolutely no one will be up for first run come Sunday morning.

They’re chucking three (free) parties across the season, so plan your yearly Jindy migration accordingly.

Sat 1 July – Hayden James

Sat 5 August – Confidence Man

Sat 9 Sept – Luke Millon

Please get around the extremely retro promo vid below. Here. for. this.

More details here.

Photo: Supplied.