There’s More Than One Cover On James Blake’s Debut

For a few of you out there, James Blake’s sparse and strategically sub-heavy take on Feist’s “Limit To Your Love” is the first version of the song you heard. Likewise, an ever larger portion of you would have first heard/been aware of skittering slow burner “The Wilhelm Scream” (I don’t know about my love//I don’t know about my loving anymore) before the song it takes its lyrics and vocal melody from, “Where to Turn” by British crooner James Litherland, a song Blake’s father helped produce. Not sure if the borrowed lyrics and vocal melody detract from the immediacy of Blake’s version but his ability to warp innocuous pop songs into damaged, electronic ballads is really quite remarkable.

Abeano reports: As he’s hinted at over the last few weeks, the melody of ‘The Wilhelm Scream’ is borrowed from something his father produced, the James Litherland track ‘Where to Turn’. “This is the track that spurred on The Wilhelm Scream” he explained “It was a track that I grew up listening to because my dad was producing it. It was going around the house for weeks. It became a song for me as well so I think it’s time people heard the original”.

Now you know. Listen and compare below…

James Blake – “The Wilhelm Scream”

James Litherland – “Where to Turn”

James Litherland – Where To Turn by abeano

James Blake – “Limit To Your Love”

Feist – “Limit To Your Love”

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Title Image by Karl Walter via Getty