‘The Voice’ Will Not be Foisting Any Dodgy Singles on Australia This Year

The Voice Australia wraps up its third season tomorrow night, with a crop of finalists who are not particularly inspiring, but there is at least one consolation – whoever wins will not be performing a new single on the night. Those who were looking forward to a hastily-assembled pop jingle performed by someone too nervous to sing it properly, sorry, you’ll have to get your jollies elsewhere.
In a rare display of common sense, the producers have admitted that purpose-written singles are rarely a good idea. Channel Nine executive Adam Byrnes told News Limited “we just felt you had to get to that moment when the winner is announced, then they sing a song no one knows and it’s a gear change too far.”
Previous victory singles have been a bit of a bust – Harrison Craig‘s ‘Unconditional’ failed to crack the Top 10, while I’m not sure even Karise Eden remembers what she performed. It seems this year, Nine will be nurturing its Voice winner a little more, allowing them time to polish their recordings and maybe, just maybe, unleash something that isn’t a total cheesy piece of crap on the Australian public.
Across the board, this year’s Voice performers haven’t been doing particularly well on iTunes. Those singers who have actually made an impression in the charts, including Sabrina Bathson and Gabriel and Cecelia, have all been sent home, and those who’ve survived to the finals haven’t made much of a dent on the iTunes charts, another worrying sign for Nine.
Tomorrow night’s final is a showdown between intense thousand-yard starer Jackson Thomas, Fisher Price My First Rock Star Frank Lakoudis, trail bike-riding free spirit Anja Nissen, indigenous duo ZK and person who also exists Johnny Rollins. Whoever wins will likely release music of some sort in the weeks to come.

Photo: Mark Metcalfe via Getty Images