The Veronicas’ Lisa Announces Her BF Hooked Her Up W/ An Engagement Ring

I’m calling 2K17 as the year of The Veronicas

Jess and Lisa Origliasso were once the face of Aussie punk-pop angst in the mid-2000’s, with killer bangers such as Untouched‘ and ‘Everything I’m Not to their name. 
Now, they’re seriously back in the spotlight. The final months of 2016 saw the twin beauties wear nothing but red glitter while performing/hosting the ARIAS, and Jess announcing her renewed relationship with the world’s most genetically gifted Australian, Ruby Rose, which understandably made everyone incredibly excited (and the music video that sparked their reunion certainly helped, too). 
Now, it’s Lisa’s turn to make a loved-up announcement. One-half of the music duo took to Instagram today to reveal her engagement to longtime boyf, actor Logan Huffman
The post implies that Huffman may have proposed a month ago (who doesn’t love a classic romantic leech story?), but this is the first time either of them have announced the news. 
Is it just me, or does Lisa’s beau give off the same sparkly-eyed, chiselled-jaw allure as Ruby Rose? I’m anticipating some seriously trippy double-trouble twin dates. 
A big ol’ congrats to the happy couple. The Veronicas are continuing to make their comeback in a huge way.
Source: Instagram / Lisa Origliasso. 
Photo: Getty / Cole Bennetts.