The Temper Trap Forced To Turn Down Neighbours Cameo

What with all the triumphant homecomings, structurally unsound trophy cabinets, record sales and default soundtracking of football grand finals you’d think it almost impossible for The Temper Trap to be more ingrained in the Australian pop culture consciousness. But it is. Or at least it could have been.

In a recent interview conducted at the Latitude Festival in England, drummer Toby Dundas said that executives from longstanding Oz soapie Neighbours asked the band to cameo on the program, following music-centric cameos from the likes of The Wombats, The Veronicas and Lily Allen. Unfortunately the Melbourne four-piece were unavailable to randomly loiter around Ramsay Street with Dundas joking: “No to Neighbours for now. Maybe if we could impersonate a boy band it would be funny…But maybe we’d be terrible actors even if we were only playing our instruments!

We could harp on about why mainstream exposure is inversely proportional to credibility but this could have been you, Temper Trap – sipping milkshakes at the local coffee shop before staging a rousing but completely impromptu acoustic performance that would bring Harold Bishop back from the dead (wait, is he dead or did he just move away?).

Via AP