The Silent Alarms – Someone Sign This Band!

When Pedestrian first touched down in Byron Bay we envisaged embracing the Splendour In The Grass ethos and kicking it on the first Friday night. Instead we ended up kicking fellow punters in the head after inadvertently walking in on Bloc Party’s secret show at the Great Northern.

It goes like this. We touched down in the Gold Coast, realizing we still had a ways to go only minutes before boarding the plane. Byron Bay is different to The Gold Coast? Idiots! No problems, we ended up renting a car, almost crashed it and experienced some Wolf Creek bad vibes from crazy bogan P platers. We eventually made it to Byron Bay (thank god) check into our hotel, chillaxed at the General Pants/Insight pop up store and grabbed a bite to eat at the local pizza joint (6/10 according to our resident pizza connoisseur).

After some procrastination we motored to the Dew Process showcase at The Great Northern where Yves Klein Blue, Dananananaykroyd and The Silent Alarms were billed. The “eureka” moment came about five minutes before Bloc Party commenced, the “shit my pants” moment came when Kele announced they were going to play Silent Alarm. From start to finish. In its entirety. I guess you kinda had to be there but it’s the closest thing we’ve ever experienced to a “natural high” and we interviewed Sasha Grey the other week.

All we have from that night are beautiful memories of one of the biggest bands in the world having as much fun as their audience in a hole in the wall venue (by their standards). Kele stage-dived, Matt Tong lost his shirt and kept it off, the crowd invaded the stage, hugged each other, pogo-ed like their lives depended on it and luckily Pedestrian’s head honcho had a camera in hand to document the best possible start to our Splendour weekend.


In light of Bloc Party’s secret show we’re asking Pedestrian readers what their favourite “Silent Alarm” track is. The below poll and its 15 options celebrates Absolut’s “In An Absolut World DJ’s Rock” nights which take place in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

For those who don’t know 15 DJs will be asked to produce and perform a 15 minute set with an aim to entertain, using what ever genre of music they desire. DJ’s must adhere to the 15 minute rule, not one second over will be allowed.

Each act will be judged [by members of the music industry] on imagination, creativeness and most importantly their ability to make people dance. In the past Absolut have chosen personalities that not only have a musical or performing background but whom also have ability to interact with the audience.

At the end of the evening the performers will be judged by crowd participation and whoever produced the best 15 minute set. The winner will receive a series of prizes including $1000 to be donated to a charity of their choice, plus $1000 for themselves a flight to Sydney for the final and of course the pride of being crowned 2009 IAAW DJ’S ROCK winner.

You need to RSVP or you won’t get in so click here for Sydney, click here for Melbourne, click here for Perth to reserve your place at the Absolut 15 party.