The Presets Bag 6 Arias

Hey! Did you hear? The Presets won 3 Arias last night! Groovy huh? Best Album, Best Dance Release, Best Group. I feel good, you feel good, we all should feel good. I personally would like to thank The Presets/Modular : proud to be Australian…

The Presets’ performance last night was the epitome of cool, (or at least as cool as playing @ the Arias can be) Romance Was Born get-up + masked back up dancers choreographed by Julian’s bro Anto Hamilton, it really was a culmination of our two greatest creative field exports.

If you forgot / didn’t know The Presets also bagged 3 Arias (Best Producer, Best Cover Art and Best Video) prior to last nights awards making it 6 babies all up.

My People LIVE at the 2008 Arias:

Image by: Piona Goodall via Getty