The Grates Are Opening A Bar In Brisbane

From songs and scones to sparkling wine, Patience and John of The Grates are extending their foray into the hospitality world and opening a bar in Brisbane.

Following on from the success of their cafe The Southside Tearoom which opened earlier this year in Morningside, The Southside Bar will operate out the back of the established cafe/hangout offering some grate great bottled treasures, beers on tap and cocktails.

With their hands in firm grasp of the official liquor licenses required to run such a venue, The Grates announced the bar’s grand opening via Facebook, happening this Friday 7th September. After that, the bar will operate each Thursday through Sunday evening. Congrats Patience and John, here’s to a celebratory beer. We would happily have a drink with these people:

Words By Nikki Brogan
Photo by Mark Metcalfe for Getty Images