The Duke Spirit’s Final Tour Diary

The Duke Spirit’s frontwoman Liela Moss says goodbye to Australia and its testicle scratching native animals in her last Tour Diary entry for Pedestrian . Au revoir guys!

Ahh, that’s it then. Shit. We had such a beautiful time and now it is a memory. But at least it’s a FUCKING WHOPPING GREAT memory.

Your orange soil. Still encrusted all over my boots.

The walk through the cemetery above Bronte beach at night. The sound and smell of the waves bouncing off the headstones.

A wombat, lying in mud, scratching his testicles.

I’m not sure which one of those is the best or most inspirational moments captured, as they all are so vivid.

But here’s a little snapshot for you.

I just watched an episode of Bondi Rescue on the plane home, and was so proud to see that one of those guys leaping into the water was also a guy I had met at our Beach Road Rex gig. You got to feel good when a member of the 4th emergency service comes to a rock and roll show.

Sadly I dont have any surfing pictures to share with you. In fact, I think as a responsible band member, it is the law that I never share ‘leisure-time’ reportage band pictures at all…I think the outside world would find them either disgusting, alarming, or very incongruous with our music. SO it might be better to share with you some of my more random, heartwarming Australian images. The pigeons were particularly endearing, especially as they looked on into a bar full of drunk maniacs. It was a little bit like noticing your grandparents were looking in on you, a little disapointed, as you snorted felt pens in the shed in their garden. Or something. Perhaps. But they do look very much in love.’

After getting busted with the felt pen thing, we thought it best to embrace the natural phenomena that the incredible island of Australia has to offer. So much more exciting. Here are some beautiful vistas.

And with that, I really have to say farewell until next time. I need to sleep and stop looking at this screen because I already watched 13 hours and 20 minutes non-stop aeroplane entertainment yesterday and feel like I might be sick all over my laptop if I stare at the pixels any longer.

With the liquid, soothing mantra ‘Ahh no worries mate, you’ be right…’ ringing in my ears it is goodbye until someone invites us back over to play festivals . Which I really hope they do.

Thank GOD for Australians. Well all the rock and rollers at least. You have wonderful skin. And the girls always have the paw paw tube in their retro handbags. And the guys, you really look sharp. Exceptional sharpness all round. Lots of side partings. Noted for sure. Bus drivers – I CANNOT beleive how helpful you are. So much cooler than sickening miserable London public transport folk. Oh and the elders of Sandringham, Victoria…you are also my favourites.

xx Liela

All Photos Provided by The Duke Spirit