The Definitive Guide To Azealia Banks’ Greatest Beefs

Azealia Banks, woman of the moment, queen of the C-bomb and mother of controversy is back on our shoes for the Listen Out tour. This means one of two things; first, that we may get to finally hear some new material from that long lost album of hers and more importantly, that there’s a whole new swag of artists for her to pick fights with. As anyone with a Twitter feed will be able to tell you, The Divine Ms Banks has a temper to match Kanye West’s and is far more likely to run her mouth off. In the last year alone, she’s had some choice run-ins with old legends and new faces alike, so to get up to speed before more are added to the heap, here’s the definitive list of Azealia’s Greatest Beefs.

1. Iggy Azalea
The beef: Apparently Banks has the rights to using the word ‘pussy’ in femme rap songs. She went on a considerable rant against her surname-sake, ending with her impressive takedown of Iggy’s inclusion in the XXL Freshmen list.
The bun: “Fuck white girls. They are privileged and shouldn’t be allowed to rap, because rap is black culture.”
The burger: McFeisty with extra pickles.

Her militaristic track ‘Fuck Up the Fun’ targets her Caucasian nemesis with disses like “Ya’ll bitches still on MySpace and YouTube trying to get ya’ll little video views up to a million…Ya’ll bitches not fucking with me.”

2. Rita Ora
The beef: Azealia and Ora were on the same doomed Future Music tour together last year, and it seems the former wasn’t happy with having someone as young and potentially even more attractive on the same bill. She claims Ora was trying to ‘intimidate’ her and simultaneously sleep with her dancers. Ora counters that Banks is plain crazy.
The bun: “Shut up Rita Oral.”
The burger: The In-N-Out Special

Banks also dissed Ora’s choice of footwear because she “already did the jellies last year”.

3. The Stone Roses
The beef: Another Future Music Festival pearler, this one saw the young Harlem MC in a classic Gen Y move of failing to respect her elders. As the band were line-checking, Azealia took it as a personal affront, saying they were ‘interrupting’ her songs.
The bun: “Fuck those saggy old white n*ggas. I wish them nothing but excrement and death”
The burger: The Double Heart Attack with bell peppers

4. Perez Hilton
The beef: Vociferous Twitter user meets her match. Azealia was unwise to start with the real Queen of Social Media when she labelled Hilton a ‘messy f*ggot’ after he accused her of creating drama with trap producer, Baauer.
The bun: “You dirty bitch. You wish you had pussy and talent. You’re a bottom feeder.”
The burger: The Flamingo Sandwich with curly fries

5. Kreayshawn
The beef: Another day, another white rapper. Kreayshawn (where is she, anyway?) started this one by posting a porn video to Twitter with ‘212’ as the soundtrack. That’s probably the funniest one we’ve seen in a while, but Banks was not amused.
The bun: “You’re a dumb bitch. And you can’t rap. I’ll sit on your face…fall back slut.”
The burger: Body Bangers N Mash

The conversation that followed:

6. Angel Haze
The beef: Of all the pretenders (real or otherwise), to Azealia’s perceived throne, Haze poses the most realistic threat. She can sing, rap, dance and produce, and also has a mouth on her. When Azealia fired off a comment about rappers claiming to be from New York who aren’t, Haze quickly responded “You don’t want this fade off Twitter. So knock if off. Before you get shanked through your iridescent bubble jacket.” Ouch!
The bun: “If you have a screenshot of Angel Haze’s threat, please send to #yougoingtojailnow !”
The burger: Spicy Brooklyn Chicken Burger with Kale

7. Her managers
The beef: Azealia goes through management like Snoop Dogg goes through joints; quickly and efficiently. She also makes sure to leave them with positive thoughts about her on the way through, too.
The bun: “I really want a female manager. Women are just so much smarter.”
The burger: The Bank-Breaker Jalapeno Surprise.

8. T.I.
The beef: Once a T.I. fan (she claims to have deleted all of his music from her computer), Azealia fell out with the Southern rapper after he took offence at Banks’ baiting of his artist Iggy Azalea during the XXL Freshmen announcement.
The bun: “LMFAO how you a grown man commenting on what’s going on between two girls. Come on son. Stop it”
The burger: Atlanta Beef Rib with Slaw

9. Lily Allen
The beef: Well look, Allen started this one, but it was probably justified. Having mocked Banks for taking so long to get her album together, Allen received the full force of Azealia’s wrath, as the young rapper accused Lily of being a cocaine addict and having ugly children. That’s a new one.
The bun: “She’s just mad cause sucking her husbands dick is like playing thumb wars.”
The burger: The Beefeater with HP Sauce.

10. Lil Kim
The beef: Crazy, meet super crazy. Azealia has always taken a page out of Kim’s book, as she blazed the trail for lurid female MCs in the ‘90s. The track they were working on together never saw the light of day, and Banks let the world know about it very quickly.
The bun: “All this extra shit is stupid. Keep closing your own doors, Ma.”
The burger: The Legacy Stack

Words by Jonno Seidler, inside reporter for the inaugural Listen Out Festival (dates below) for which Azealia “Queen Of The Beef” Banks is currently in Australia. Listen to the Essential Listen Out Lineup Playlist now.

PERTH | Sunday 29th September @ Ozone Reserve, 2pm-10pm
MELBOURNE | Saturday 5th October @ Observatory Precinct, Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, 2pm-10pm
BRISBANE | Sunday 6th October @ Cultural Forecourt, Southbank, 2pm-10pm

Main photo by Ilya S. Savenok, Getty Images