In case you hadn’t been tracking the Backstreet Boys since you were in primary school (and why wouldn’t you be?), the lads recently performed at the Miss USA 2016 pageant, and have locked down a Las Vegas residency. A few members also bafflingly showed up in a zombie western named Dead 7.

Now, apparently, they’re in the studio working on new music.

An Instagram post from Brian Littrell confirmed that the group is working on new tunes for what would be their 8th studio album:

In the Lab…… Doing something we’ve never done before…. BSB feature with FGL….. Great record…. Comes out late August….. ??

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Surprisingly, this isn’t their first album since you were in Year 3. They actually released an album in 2013 named In A World Like This, which I assume people purchased and listened to.

Any non-ironic boyband fans left out there? This is your moment.

Source: Vulture.

Photo: Backstreet Boys.