Taylor Swift The Most Charitable Celeb Of 2012, Is Now Pretty Much A Perfect Human Being

Taking a leaf out of Bono’s book, Taylor Swift has unofficially been crowned the most charitable celebrity of the year by DoSomething, a social action and campaigning website for adolescents in the US.

The pocket rocket not only had a banner year, what with her latest album smashing records and topping the charts, but she also gave a hell of a lot of money to those in need. Among the beneficiaries of Swift’s kindness were The Nashville Public Library, who have now received some 20,000 books, the Horace Mann School for The Deaf, which got a nice $50K cheque and the Ronan Thompson Foundation, dedicated to a young boy who died of cancer. All in all, Tay-Tay coughed up over $5 million in donation this year and still managed to find time to shack up with the least effeminate member of One Direction.   
Essentially she is the living incarnation of an angel. Even if we wanted to hate her, we just couldn’t. 
via VH1
Photo: Jason Merritt via Getty Images.