Taylor Swift Confronts All Those ‘Dead’ Taylor Swifts In New BTS Video

Taylor Swift’s latest act is essentially The Prestige, and a brand new behind-the-scenes look at the production of her Look What You Made Me Do music video is proof. Massively famous entertainer? Check. Insane competition to stay relevant against competitors? Check. A whole posse of former selves killed in the pursuit of glory? Check checkitty check, friends.

While we can’t personally verify the non-Taylor actors included didn’t end up dead in underground vats, we can say the spectacle of it all is comparable: the production budget on ‘Taylor Mountain’ alone likely challenged the cash injected any scene from Christopher Nolan’s v. good flick.

Considering Look What You Made Me Do has annihilated video streaming records, it was probably money well spent. Catch Taylor and the molted husks of her former selves below: