Oi Sydney, Get To The Golden Age RN For An Arctic Monkeys Pop-Up Store

Happy Friday, folks! If you’re like me, you’ve already listened to the new Arctic Monkeys album, Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino like three times. It’s good. It’s a Big Friday Mood.

If you’re in Sydney and you’re wanting to get some more of that sweet sweet Alex Turner in and around your person (I mean, who doesn’t?) then head on over to Golden Age Cinema & Bar in Sutty Hills today and tomorrow for a very spesh pop-up store celebrating all things Arctic Monkeys.

There’s a bunch of spiffy merch to snap up, as well as a heap of fancy movies being played in the cinema – just to go along with the entire Jazz Monkey vibe the new album’s putting in our hearts (and ear holes).

It’s on today until 8.30pm, and then back on again tomorrow May 12 from 11am. Yes, there’s already a line.