Stream Cut Copy’s New LP “Zonoscope”

With nods to Talking Heads (see “Blink And You’ll Miss A Revolution”), Fleetwood Mac (see “Take Me Over”), slow burn acid house (see transcendent 15 minute closer “Sun God”) and anything to do with David Byrne – stylistic, sartorial or otherwise (see: the aforementioned Heads, the band’s new press pics and the Bush Of Ghosts vibe that permeates this entire album) – Cut Copy’s Zonoscope keeps the nebulous/nostalgic vibe of its predecessor by mining the genres of yore in interesting, if slightly transparent ways.

Sure, they’ll never receive an award for songwriting originality but their ability to conjure, change and sustain a mood is virtuosic. A mood guitarist Tim Hoey described last week as hypnotic. “For this one I think it was more about creating a rhythmic, hypnotic kind of record.” he said. “And that kind of vibe came from a lot of extended jamming and working in loops and locking into a groove and the idea of repetition holding the song together.”

But don’t take his word for it, you can now judge for yourself. A leaked version of Zonoscope has been available online for weeks now but the album’s first release proper comes via a stream for tweet pyramid scheme which, when considering the inanity of statements we read and write on Twitter everyday, seems like a pretty sweet deal. Have at it below.


Zonocope is out February 4 via Modular Records.