Straighty-180 Ed Sheeran’s Boring As Batshit Glastonbury Rider Has Leaked

Taylor Swift‘s bezzie m8 Ed Sheeran is due to headline Glastonbury on Sunday night, after Radiohead and Foo Fighters on Friday and Saturday.
As such the crooner is entitled to a rider of epic proportions, demanding five tigers or at least a case of beer and a lamb for the slaughter or some shit.
Instead the croonin’ pop star has requested: a bottle of Robinsons squash, a six-pack of diet Coke, a six-pack of Fanta orange, a six-pack of Sprite and a jar of Manuka Honey, adding up to the exorbitant price of £57.31.
Fucken oath, Ed. Live a little. Be inspired by your peers.
For example, for shows in India last month, Justin Bieber apparently requested a load of stuff including a jacuzzi (fair), “yoga casket” (terrifying), and purple carnations (lovely!). 
Or two years ago Pharrell Williams requested, among others, a bag of goldfish, a bottle of Patron, and two framed photos of Carl Sagan – now that is a request.  
Don’t recommend the “yoga casket”, but wouldn’t it be nice to have some whisky to mix in with the honey, Ed? Or at least to blow out your diet on actual Coke? 

Photo: Stefania D’Alessandro / Getty
Source: NME