Spot Hugh Jackman In Christmas Clip By Ex-Famous Person Richard Marx

As a person who is well acquainted with the horrors of specialty Christmas Music, having recently endured this particular Christmas miracle, I have a genuine appreciation for artists (and, in this instance, I use the term loosely) who have some degree of self-awareness about how grotesque and tacky Christmas albums almost always are.

Take formerly famous singer-songwriter Richard Marx, remembered for his lustrous Eighties hair and more recently for highly RT-able drunken tweets, who has released a (quite terrible) Christmas song called “Christmas Spirit” and has cast an intriguing/WTF selection of fellow has-beens and surprisingly high-profile types (hi, Hugh Jackman dressed as Wolverine!) to mouth the words in this DIY video that is effectively a piss take of all other Christmas-type music videos past.

As well as Hugh Jackman, the random cast includes Rita Wilson, Olivia Newton John, someone with an incredible fake tan, David Copperfield, young Richard Marx LOL, Kevin Cronin from REO Speedwagon, some old dude who was in The Eagles, Cynthia Rhodes, Rick Springfield, Adam Ferrera, more people you’ve never heard of either, Kenny fuckin’ Loggins! – and is that Richard Lewis??!?  Enjoy.