Sonic Youth for Starbucks album release

You probably didn’t know but Sonic Youth are releasing an album for Starbucks through Starbucks.

From June 10 you will be able to pick up the latest Sonic Youth offering with your coffee on the way to work.
The album will include 14 Sonic Youth favorites picked by hipsterlebrity curators such as Eddie Vedder, Dave Eggers, David Cross, and Chloë Sevigny, plus newly-announced SY-philes such as Radiohead, Beck, the Flaming Lips, Mike Watt, Flea, Mike D, Gus Van Sant and Juno screenwriter Diablo Cody. Plus 1 new previously unreleased track by SY.

Thurston Moore was quoted as saying “Starbucks is the new record store, right?” after being questioned why the band chose to role with the coffee concept. Kim Gordon later went on to say that Starbucks is “less evil than” Universal, the master power above their label.