“Somebody That I Used To Know” Is James Franco’s Song Of The Summer

We’re hyper aware that the quota for Somebody-related micro-news was filled some time ago but considering it’s second coming as a global phenomenon we’re going to beat this horse til we work out the scientific reasoning behind its success. Subliminal messaging perhaps?

Today, after Twitter endorsements from Ashton Kutcher, Lily Allen and Katy Perry, the latest boost comes from conceptual art project, James Franco, who offered this response when asked for his current song of the summer: “Oh! I guess that Gotye song. Did I say his name wrong? I think he’s from Brooklyn.”

Nah mate, he’s Belgian-Australian and there’s a 50% chance you are saying his name wrong. It’s Gore-Ti-Yeah, FYI.

Watch Wally explain the origins of the song below…

Via Vulture

Title Image by Rob Kim via Getty