Solange Knowles To Work With Midnight Juggernauts?

When your sister has the greatest pop song of the decade nestled in her back catalogue and sleeps beside Jay-Z on a mattress stuffed with 100 dollar bills and propped up by Grammy’s – you’ll have way more than 99 problems when it comes to launching a similarly celebrated pop career. Solange Knowles, the younger sister of Beyonce is surely aware of this fact and that’s why she’s taken the indie route.

We were alerted to Solange’s indie leanings a few months back when the Midnight Juggernauts revealed that a collaboration with Solange was on the cards.

MJ: I think we’ll do some collaborative stuff, there’s a whole bunch of people we’ve been meaning to release stuff with for ages, but we’ll probably do it all separately and release it as one offs.

P: Can you tell us who that is?

MJ: Well, Solange for one….

P: Are these all hypothetical?

MJ: Well that one will probably happen, but there’s a bunch of people like a lot of bands we met last year, we were actually going to do a track for this TV show last year with Late of the Pier.

We didn’t really believe it at the time but Solange is still nestled in the Juggernauts’ Myspace top friends between Seekae and Acephale Records (home to Salem, Memory Tapes and Air France). While Solange has reciprocated the honour placing the Aussies just before cosmetic company L’Oreal (whoa my brain just exploded). Meanwhile Pitchfork reports that Solange has covered “Stillness Is the Move” by Brooklyn’s Dirty Projectors. Which actually makes total sense, if any track of the current Brooklyn canon is screaming to be covered by an R&B diva it’s “Stillness Is the Move”. Also, did we mention it’s completely fucking awesome? We didn’t? Well it is.

Needless to say this news has Pedestrian even more excited about the forthcoming Solange/Midnight Juggernauts collaboration. If any track is capable of inheriting Beyonce’s song of the decade title for the next ten years surely it’s that.