So Long, Leonard: Music Icon Eulogised By Son In Heartbreaking FB Tribute

Leonard Cohen‘s son, musician Adam Cohen, has taken to Facebook to remember the inimitable singer/songwriter. 
Cohen died last week, although it was kept under wraps until Thursday (literally the day after the US election results – it couldn’t have been a more devastating week). His son described his funeral – a small, Jewish ceremony at a cemetery in Montreal. He was buried alongside his parents, “in an unadorned pine box”
Even though we have lost Leonard, Adam’s post is scattered with memories of him – glimpses of the man his faithful listeners came to know so deeply through his relentlessly powerful music. 
Adam Cohen goes on to thank his father for everything he gave him: “for the comfort he always provided, for the wisdom he dispensed, for the marathon conversations, for his dazzling wit and humour.” 

The mere thought of having a marathon conversation with Leonard Cohen has given me shivers. Read the full post below. 
Source: Facebook. 
Image: Getty Images / Jack Vartoogian.