Sleigh Your Way Through The Holidays With Queen Bey’s Official Xmas Merch

Somehow it’s almost Christmas again, and you know what that means: time for a bunch of extremely weird Christmas-themed merch from bands and musicians.

If some part of you has always craved being able to both look like a complete weirdo by wearing Christmas clothes and announce your deep and abiding love of Beyoncé with one single outfit – look no further, Queen Bey has dropped a line of ‘Lemonade‘ Yuletide gear just in time to make a wonderful present for your teen sibling or a slightly weird present for yourself.
If you love hoodies, pop music and holiday dad jokes, your interests have never been so specifically catered to in your life:
Ever thought “No one will ever make a cropped t-shirt that ties into my love of Beyoncé’s ‘Lemonade’ and Christmas stockings.“? Well, you were horribly wrong:
There are a few other things available, including some booty shorts that I believe are Christmas-themed by virtue of being bright red, and some pretty rad wrapping paper.
You can take a gander at the collection right here. And don’t act like you ain’t going to buy.
Photo: Destiny’s Child.