Sleater Kinney & Bob’s Burgers Unite For Your New Favourite Music Video

Band you would *literally* kill to see live because that means locking eyes with and marveling at Carrie Brownstein in the flesh, Sleater-Kinney, have teamed up with Bob’s Burgers and your spirit animal Tina Belcher, because today is Friday and everything is Right and Good in the world. Speechless, tbh. God is real.

Sleater-Kinney have debuted their video for ‘A New Wave’, produced in collaboration with Fox‘s underrated animation dream, as Carrie Brownstein, Janet Weiss and Corin Tucker become Bob’s Burgers-ified for your viewing pleasure. For someone who adores all of the aforementioned nouns with unbridled and embarrassing abandon, the below video is pretty much everything.

Sleater-Kinney, following their hiatus since 2006, announced their new album ‘No Cities To Love’ late last year. The band has reformed to tour the album in North America and Europe; in an interview on Double J in November last year, Carrie Brownstein all but confirmed that the band will be making it Down Under sometime in 2015. “When it gets to summer in Australia next year we will get there,” Brownstein said. Happy tears, people.

Watch and wait for the charm bomb to explode as the ultimate 2k15 dream team kill it:

Via AV Club.