Sigur Ros – Gobbledigook

Sigur Ros’ lyrics have long been Gobbledigook to me. Featuring a lyrical modus operandi which utilized Scandinavian phonetics to form a new language devoid of meaning; listeners drew their own meaning from the lyrics and the music itself did most of the talking (lazy lyricists take note, just make shit up!)

On Gobbledigook they diverge from their standard ice inflected sonics and travel the fun loving yet no less idiosyncratic route of contemporaries Animal Collective. Sigur Ros have never sounded this exuberant. The accompanying video clip (a collaboration with celebrated photographer Ryan McGinley) is equally carefree and views like a documentary of his most recent exhibition “I Know Where The Summer Goes.” A quick summary? Gallanting Brooklyn hipsters most of them lithe, all of them nude get back to nature. Think Matt and Kim meets Adam and Eve, for which this song is the perfect soundtrack. Enjoy.