Riot Police Called To Stereosonic Sydney While Leo Watches LMFAO

Stereosonic Sydney hosted over 60,000 revellers yesterday – and a fair few fights.

Reports have started to trickle regarding instances of punters clashing with police, resulting in the Riot Squad being called in to deal with the offenders. The Telegraph reports: “Three people were charged with assaulting police and four others with resisting arrest. One person was charged with willful and obscene exposure, while another was charged with offensive language.” We’re guessing most of them weren’t wearing shirts and looked a bit like the late dance festival icon, Zyzz.

With 60,000 punters, Stereosonic now trumps Big Day Out as the biggest day festival on Sydney’s festival calendar. Stereosonic’s success is in contrast to the overall downturn in ticket sales for Australian festivals. Can anyone remember the last time the Big Day Out didn’t sell out the morning it went on sale?

In other Stereo news, Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted side of stage watching LMFAO perform, while smoking on an electronic cigarette (nictone supplement), sporting a trademark blue LA Dodgers baseball cap and snapping away on his Blackberry. He reportedly left as soon as they played “Sexy and I Know It.” You can tell a lot about someone from what they have on their iPod.

For those unacquainted:

via Daily Telegraph.