Rihanna Flashed the World Cup Crowd, Because Rihanna is the Greatest

While you’ve been busy watching soccer these past few weeks, Rihanna has been busy winning the World Cup. Rih-Rih has a scorching case of World Cup fever, and throughout the event, has been one of the most consistently entertaining people on Twitter.

Things came to a head earlier today, when she lifted up her Germany jersey after that country’s victory, and flashed the crowd triumphantly, showing a little of the moxie that straight-up got her banned from Instagram.
This leather (pleather? some other thing?) bra wasn’t even Rihanna’s stand-out World Cup fashion moment. That came a few days ago when, fresh out of phucks to give, she made her way to the Germany vs Brazil game in your mum’s pink nightie, and somehow made it work.
In retrospect, it’s sort of surprising that Brazil didn’t accuse her of putting a curse on the World Cup like they did Mick Jagger. 
Someone on the internet made this dodgy thing, but because Rihanna liked it so much, she Tweeted out multiple different versions of it through the cup, to show her support.
Like a true fan, she wrote Pele’s name on her face in greasepaint …
… because oh yeah, the day before, she actually fucking met and hung out with Pele, like a boss.
She played around with this thing …
She offered insightful commentary on the match …
She screamed for joy …
… and she told Lukas Podolski and Bastian Schweinsteiger “now kiss”. Because she’s fucking Rihanna, they immediately did as instructed.
Now the cat’s out of the bag and everyone knows Rihanna’s a world cup fan, maybe she can tackle the official song of 2018. It will certainly be better than the mess that J-Lo and Pitbull brought to the table this time around.