Premiere: Faker Returns With “Dangerous”

Faker occupy this weird circa ’07 limbo where most people remember them as purveyors of jittery post-punk whose frontman liked to climb shit and went all Breakfast Club in a library. But people change, tastes evolve and four years since the release of their sophomore LP Be the Twilight, the band have returned with less members (it’s now just frontman Nathan Hudson and guitarist Nic Munnings) and an expanded palette of New Wave and Electro influences. We recently asked Nathan to talk us through new single “Dangerous” which you can now stream below. Here’s what he had to say…

On the lyrics: It started out as a more optimistic song. I think it was called “Discovery” for a little while and we demoed it but didn’t feel like it said what it wanted to say. It started to change when we got back to Sydney and started working on making the record and I was going through another stormy relationship (laughs). Actually it wasn’t that stormy I just had to wind it up. It kind of freaked me out a bit. It eventually became about how this thing that I had pined for wasn’t what I wanted or could make myself want. On a lyrical level it was an explanation of all those things.

On the music: On a musical level it started as this acoustic thing but you write so many songs strumming an acoustic guitar and singing it begins to feel a bit repetitive. You begin to ask yourself “what can I do different?” or “where can I take this?” and I had gotten onto this Japanese ships piano, a small short scale piano where the keyboard part of it folds out so that it can fit inside a ship’s quarters. And so I played piano like a caveman to get myself away from the acoustic guitar kind of thing. The sliding guitar part started out as a piano part. The idea is that if you’ve found a melodic idea you can pass it between a bunch of different things. In a way we felt more like painters than music makers. Is that vague enough for you?

“Dangerous” is taken from Faker’s forthcoming album due for release later this year.

> Faker – Dangerous (radio edit) by theinsound

Title Image- “Dangerous” Cover Art