Post-It Note Stop Motion Video

Post-It notes, much like serial-killing clowns are a colourful, seemingly innocuous harbinger of doom. Don’t let their shiny happy hues fool you – that deadline ain’t going away anytime soon. They’re also the perfect vehicle for disgruntled housemates to communicate with one another passive-aggressively because let’s face it, speaking in person is so goddamn hard. Instead of talking shit out like adults we’re left with tiny messages like: “Please wash this – it’s been sitting here for days!!!” or “I’d appreciate it if you replaced the milk you borrowed ASAP” in glorious shades of magenta, peach and canary yellow.

Thankfully Savannah College of Art and Design student Bang-Yao Liu has found a use for the humble Post-It that doesn’t involve smugly communicating with housemates or a physical reminder of how poor your time management skills are. Actually it kind of evokes the latter. Anyway check out his senior art project – a stop-motion world where Post-Its are painstakingly re-imagined as pixels. On a side-note the track is credited to Royksopp but does anyone get the feeling it’ll break into Ratatat’s Wildcat at any second?