Pitchfork Counts Down Top 10 Videos Of The Decade

If we’re to glean anything from Pitchfork’s Top 50 videos of the 2000’s it’s the comfort that one great music video can launch a career (OK Go aka that treadmill band) as quickly as one sub par album can cause collective amnesia (OK Go aka that treadmill band).

We also learn that Christopher Walken can in fact dance and given the opportunity and/or inclination he can also levitate, little known fact that. We’re taught that Weezer will fight for our attention by any memes necessary, R Kelly’s foray into the world of Hip-Hopera was as genius as it was wildly ambitious and fucking insane. And finally a sentiment we’ve long suspected but never articulated – The Avalanches’ “Since I Left You” is not only the closest thing we have to a “perfect pop song” but is Australia’s greatest cultural export of the last decade. Bar none.

Take a trip down memory lane below…

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