Passion Pit Is BFFs With Famous Kids Choir

Passion Pit spend a weird amount of time with world famous pre-adolescent covers choir PS22 and their ponytailed choir master Gregg. Seriously – they do seem to be super tight and have done heaps of collabs together.

Passion Pit’s front man and the band’s songwriter Michael Angelakos loves them so much he almost cried when the kids “dropped by the studio” one time to sing some songs with him and the kids actually sung backup on their debut album Manners. That’s why the vocals sound so chipmunkesque.

PS22 have just ‘dropped’ another Passion Pit cover and even though posting this does seem gratuitously ‘cute’, I’m not usually into this kind of cute viral video type stuff. For example, cats do not amuse me. (Hitler hated cats because he couldn’t control them – suggesting that maybe cats are the only thing eviler than Hitler. Do you think that’s cute?) But there’s just something about these adorable little youths with their sweet harmonies and choreographed dance moves that just gets to me. Take it away guys:

There’s been whispers of PS22 coming to Australia for Splendour In The Grass to sing backup for Passion Pit. Watch this space…

Title Image by Mark Metcalfe via Getty