nu genre!

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this but a new genre is a-brewing. Its as if they’ve said “fuck this!” and just laid down anything that came to their drug-fuelled minds that night. Coming up with something that resembles The Horrors with a very strong female vocalist (Beth Ditto, anyone?) and sprinkled with a erratic garnish of Mint Chicks. Don’t believe me? Check out KASMs, Raary’s (ex-Test Icicles) new band for helpful hints on where to direct your band this year. Though I’m not entirely surprised that Raary has chosen to do this. There’s definitely a Test Icicles influence in there somewhere. There’s a few bands in Melbourne already concocting their own versions of this new genre (whatever we shall call it), namely Terrordactyl and Pets With Pets. It’s enough to make any music lover (who is sick of the current state of music) swoon!