New Yves Klein Blue Video – Getting Wise

Brisbane four-piece Yves Klein Blue possess the infectious exuberance of toddlers jacked on crack yet sound like they have a blind 60 year old crooner for a frontman. Which if you didn’t know, is fucking awesome.

Their sound is often described as eclectic, a telltale signifier of writer’s block among music journos (a euphemistic “can’t pin down what I’m listening to” if you will) in this case however, I’m gonna say it. Their sound is pretty damn eclectic. Take for example “Getting Wise” a song infused with sugary pop hooks and baroque theatrics in equal measure like a more accessible, younger Wild Beasts with way less facial hair. The clip plays out as your standard tracking shot performance clip, then the acid kicks in and things start get weird.

“Getting Wise” is from Yves Klein Blue’s debut album “Ragged & Ecstatic”, out June 26th in Australia.