We Made The Ultimate NYE Playlist So You Can Focus On Your Midnight Pash Instead

Who else has a love-hate relationship with New Year’s Eve? On one hand, we’re saying goodbye to the year that was. We can forget about our mistakes and set-backs, and promise ourselves that ‘Next year will be different’. 

On the other hand, everyone expects the 31st of December to be The Best Night Ever. The night of our lives. It’s complicated. But, whether you decide to dance the night away in the club à la the Barbies, or spend it grooving in your kitchen with your housemates, New Year’s Eve deserves a killer playlist. 

We mined the PTV office for people’s non-negotiable New Year’s Eve song so you can focus on the cocktails (or whatever drink floats your boat) and finding a midnight kiss.

Love At First Sight – Kylie Minogue 

Starting off with an Aussie banger. This vintage Kylie track will start the vibes high. Follow it with Padam Padam and you’ll be laughing. 

Honey – Troye Sivan 

We’re not pulling out the big guns (Rush) until later in the eve, but keep the theme of Aussie icons going with the lesser known track Honey off Troye’s album Something To Give Each Other. 

Settle Petal – The Buoys 

If you’re looking for a high-energy band, may we direct you to The Buoys? The group from Sydney are an alternative rock band whose heavy guitar riffs give the perfect balance of beachy and fun melodies that you’d boogie to at the pub, or while having some bevvies by the surf. 

Intrigued? You can learn more about The Buoys in the first episode of BWS Presents: Refreshingly Summer Hits on PEDESTRIAN TELEVISION via 9Now.

Bad Habits – Reckless Coast 

While we’re on the Aussie rock group/ beachy pub train, add Bad Habits by Reckless Coast to your New Year’s Eve playlist. The Brisbane trio’s latest single is a high-energy track that goes out to anyone who’s had their heart broken (and been better for it) in 2023. Head bang to the insane guitar riffs and bridge as your anger melts away.

Sunday Suit – Tyne-James Organ 

As the sun sets on 2023, chuck on Sunday Suit by Tyne-James Organ. Yes, it’s another break-up song (no, I haven’t had a rough 2023) but the upbeat melody and Tyne-James’ smooth voice will be a hit. Trust us.

Honeycomb – San Cisco 

Iconic indie band San Cisco dropped a new EP in October and we’re hooked. The track, Honeycomb, will have you forgetting all the trials and tribulations as quickly as you can clink your champagne glasses.

Rüfüs Du Sol – Innerbloom

Alright, people. We’re now into the thick of the New Year’s Eve party. A turning point, if you will. What better way to mark it than with Rüfüs Du Sol’s Innerbloom? It’s a banger for a reason.

Ratata – Skrillex, Missy Elliot, Mr Oizo 

Head to the middle of the dancefloor thanks to Skrillex, Missy Elliot and Mr Oizo with Ratata. Even the mate who hates dancing won’t be able to resist this one. 

Saving Up – Dom Dolla 

Ring in the new year with Australian DJ royalty, Dom Dolla. His single, Saving Up has big New Year, New Me energy and is the perfect track to countdown the fireworks to.

Obviously, you need a few more songs to soundtrack a party that goes on into the early hours of 2024, but hopefully, these will help get your New Year’s Eve party playlist started.

And, keep the kick-ons going by chucking some music vids and interviews from PEDESTRIAN TELEVISION on via 9Now. Happy partying, people.

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