Spotify Now Lets You Suss How Musically Compatible You Are With Ya Mates So Get Ready For War

spotify blend playlist feature music compatibility

We’re all suckers for a good interactive Spotify treat – just look at Instagram at the end of every year when the Best Of feature rolls out again – so this one’s probably right up your alley as much as it is mine. You can now check your music compatibility with your mates with the new Blend Playlist function.

Is this about to read us all for filth over what we have in common with our mates, musically? You bet your sweet ass it is.

The new feature, which has just come out of beta testing mode, takes the listening habits of two people and merges it all into one playlist, meaning we can snoop what our mates are listening to and see how much our tastes align.

Maybe it’s as perfectly-matched as the ideal vegemite-to-butter ratio on toast, or maybe it’s a pure chaos combo like the cheese and jam sandwiches my Dad used to make me as a kid (which I still question to this day).

I created a blended playlist with my lovely workmate Michael – who I’ve definitely screamed to about music from Rebecca Black and BROCKHAMPTON before – and it turns out we’re 92% compatible with our listening habits.

He listens to a bit of Halsey and Madison Beer, while I blast a bit of Thundercat and Orville Peck. Both of us are into Lorde, Rina Sawayama, and Turnstile. Love that for us.

spotify blend playlist compatibility

To make your own blend playlist with another friend, all you gotta do is go to your Made For You section in your app (or you can just search ‘Blend’ and it’ll come up). From there you send an invite link to your friend in a message (FB, text, WhatsApp, whatever you fancy).

Once your chosen mate accepts the invite, the app does it’s magic and spits out a playlist that combines the most compatible things you listen to – listing off who listens to what, and what tracks you both jam into your earholes on the reg.

And that’s not the end of it, because that playlist will keep working away in the background, updating itself with everything that you and your mate listen to. So maybe you’re a high-90s with someone one day and then suddenly a couple of weeks later your tastes change and your compatibility drops.

Woof, okay, can’t wait to see how that turns out for me when I get into a mood of listening to emo country music for weeks on end.