New Warpaint Video – “Stars”

Waves of buzz have been steadily surrounding all female LA trio Warpaint. And rightly so. They’re about to drop their Exquisite Corpse EP on the 10.11.09 via Speak N Spell. The first track “Stars” for example, is a softly spun gem that deals in haze, introspection and yearning and sounds like the tomboy little sister of School Of Seven Bells.

The song’s music video on the other hand is decidedly more playful. It’s all kissing, high socks, toplessness and sparklers so, you know, be prepared to harbour slight crushes by the video’s end. Thankfully there’s enough dirt slinging, forest exploring and interpretive dancing to save it from being gratuitous Sapphic but we’re not complaining either way.

Also did you know that actress Shannyn Sossamon used to drum for Warpaint? True story. Her sister is still in the band though and if I were to hazard a guess, I’d say she’s the one that looks like Shannyn Sossamon.

Via Pitchfork