New Hercules And Love Affair LP

Andy Butler, disco revivalist and Hercules And Love Affair mastermind has revealed details of the NYC band’s sophomore LP.

Speaking with online publication The Quietus Butler claims that new material is trancey and heavily influenced by Brian Eno.

“I’ve been working on more minimalist compositions,” Butler said. “I’d say I’ve written maybe two or three songs which are informed by that tradition.”

“There’s something trance-like and soft about the music. It’s almost akin to an artist like Brian Eno, a kind of ambient pop thing.”

Butler also admitted that newer songs have been informed by pop sensibilities and a keener ear for melody.

“In terms of genre I’m pitting disco and house music against effective pop structures,” “It’s easier on the ear than the first record, I think it’ll be be a bit less dissonant, more lyrical and pretty.”

A more accessible/danceable version of their debut LP? Are dance floors ready for that kind of damage?

Thanks NME