New Avalanches Album, Finally

“We want it by the end of the year”

The Avalanches have shocked/excited the music world/ Pedestrian HQ/ their fans, by reacting to the “they’re dead” quotes, which have plagued the band for the last couple of years, by announcing that they’re; “Putting finishing touches on album 2,” on their Myspace page.

Pedestrian spoke to an unnamed source extremely close to camp Avalanches to get the dll on what’s going on in the trio’s world as we speak:

“We want it by the end of the year,”

Reading the previous is sure to get everyone all sweaty wet, however our source did go on to remind us

“but we said that last year.”

Either way we’ve waited this long so we can wait some more right… at least we know that quote unquote: “It is going to be amazing.