Muscles Vs. Ben Lee

In what is the most unintentionally hilarious interview I have ever read, Ben Lee gets badgered quizzed by headline grabber extraordinaire Muscles (via one of our favourite Australian music publications – Mess + Noise).

Here’s my favourite cringe inducing lack of self-awareness and mild awkwardness:

Muscles: It’s the best festival in Australia … It’s amazing, there’s 20,000 people all in one amphitheatre. It was pouring rain. You know that band MGMT?

Lee: Oh yeah, they’re great.

Muscles: Er, they’re okay. I wouldn’t say they’re great. They played and pretty much dampened [the vibe]. Everyone sang along to their three big hits and the rest of the set was so boring. Their entourage were the rudest people backstage …

Lee: I love that you’ve created a hobby of making enemies of people. [Laughs] You’re just chalking them up.

Mess + Noise’s razor sharp wit sums it up best: The ‘precocious little cunt’ baton has officially been passed.,

Check it here…