Mr Oizo’s New Film Feats Justice, Busy P

Mr. Oizo is the pseudonym of French music producer and film director Quentin Dupieux who regularly makes pretty cool, weird stuff like headbanging hand puppet Flat Eric who first appeared in Mr. O’s electro house banger “Flat Beat” and has since gone on to rival the stovepipe pant as the hippest inanimate object on the indie scene.

His latest project is a feature film called Rubber which, according to Day Night blog is about a rubber serial killer and a tire called Robert who wants to avenge all the other tires who ended up in flames… What the fuck indeed. The soundtrack is supposedly featuring heaps of Mr. Oizo’s Ed Banger labelmates including Justice and Busy P. [UPDATE According to a commenter below, Pedro Winter, the soundtrack is mainly Oizo and Gaspard Augé of Justice]

Here’s a teaser: